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Reflections on Consulting for CARE Rural Health Mission

Over the few days in Hyderabad and Bhimavaram, India that our health care consulting team of three learned about the CARE Rural Health Mission (CRHM), I have become quite excited about CRHM's work, its goals and aspirations, and the staff's shared value of "doing good."

Transnational Teamwork: India & U.S.A. Come Together for Social Enterprise

Even though we have been putting in 12+ hour days since we got started working on social enterprisey things a few days ago Bhimaravam, each day I keep thinking, "This is the best day in India so far." And at the end of the day as I take time out to reflect on today's events, I am thinking once again (with a smile on my face), "Today was the best day in India!"

Hello India!

My fascination with India has been steadily growing over the two years that I have been in Portland State University's (PSU) Master in International Management (MIM) program. Now that I have finished all my degree requirements in the MIM program I decided to apply for PSU's India Study Abroad trip focusing on Social Enterprise. I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to work with Kim Alter, founder of Virtue Ventures, Carolyn McKnight, PSU professor and adviser to seMagicBus, and a mix of MBA, MBA in Healthcare Management, and MPA students.

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