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Are you intrigued by social enterprise? Committed to social good and interested in learning how to achieve it? Do you want to gain practical skills and field experience? Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? If so, we invite you to join us on the Social Enterprise Magic Bus to explore the expansive world of social entrepreneurship.

Social Enterprise Magic Bus is a transformative international learning experience for students and practitioners to delve into critical social problems—poverty, climate change, environmental degradation, disease, illiteracy, human trafficking, food insecurity, etc.—as well as to develop innovative solutions to those problems that create real social change.

Social Enterprise Magic Bus is a change maker’s dream. You will have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs and visit their social enterprises and learn first hand about their vision, operations and change strategy. Take a ride on Social Enterprise Magic Bus and you will grow personally, develop leadership abilities, learn valuable and useful skills, and (for students) gain academic credits. Better still, Social Enterprise Magic Bus’ courses are designed to inspire social entrepreneurship at home by imbuing you with the knowledge and competence to be a change maker.

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Follow the adventures of seMagicBus students in India

Bhimavaram-an eye opener

SEMagicBus at Bhimavaram

Bhimavaram is a town on the coastal belt of Andhra Pradesh. The region here is extremely fertile. It is also called Mini-Mumbai. This gave an opportunity for us students of IMT Hyderabad and Columbia University, New York in collaboration with SEMagicBus to come to Bhimavaram, as part of a social entrepreneurship program here. Day-1 of our program included a Scavenger Hunt and Rural Lifestyle Mapping exercise.

Experiencing India...

India never seizes to amaze me. It’s full of contradictions- some beautiful, some heart-breaking, and it’s hard to make any generalizations about it, except to say that the experience of India usually descends upon me like dust. It takes a while to settle and it’s equally hard to shake off.

First Impressions

My first impression of India upon landing in Hyderabad was that all of my senses had been dialed up overnight on the flight from London to a level I had never experienced before. There was no other way to describe my first day in town than sensory overload. Wandering around the market with Rahul and Lin, I was enchanted by the pungent scent of lunch fare being fried to order at the market stalls and stopped in my tracks by periodic whiffs of stale odors clinging to crushed linen and silk after a morning of labor in the hot sun.

Bhimavaram at A Glance

All of my impression towards Bhimavaram starts from the moment we “jumped out” of the train. This is the first time I realized that we were in a country with different pace and style of life, and there are whole bunch of things we can experience and need to learn for the following two weeks.

My Scavenger Hunt Day

January 2nd was the forth day since I arrived in India. During this short period, my experience was loaded with awes over the exotic landscape and surprises from people around staring curiously at me. In the meantime, a set of challenges Indian people faced in life also caught my eyes. Shabby and tiny housing, unsanitary living environment, and limited source of earnings were just a few among all the things that needed to be improved in India.

All about my awesome experience on first day at bhimavaram

Whenever we travel somewhere the most common thing we carry with us is the perception about that place. So when I came to know about trip to Bhimavaram to solve rural social problems, we made some pre-trip perceptions. Some of them are like it will be an underdeveloped village, broken roads, hygiene problem etc. But when we went into final reality, I was really amazed. We saw a well developed small town with proper roads, exclusive showrooms of various brands like Adidas, Jockey, etc. We also saw proper access to banks and ATMs, Departmental stores, well known restaurants, etc.

Experience at Bhimavaram

India is a country of enormous proportions. Each region,state,city,town,village would offer something unique which was exactly that I along with a group of seven students of Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad along with six students of Columbia University, New York in association seMagicBus experienced in Bhimavaram,Andhra Pradesh.In total there were thirteen of us.

First impressions of this experience in India drawn from scavenger hunt and village mapping exercise

On the first day of our visit to Bhimavaram we were assigned the task named scavenger hunt. This task included looking upon the social issues in the particular region we were going and various exercises such as bringing artifacts, meeting friend, bargaining from shopkeeper, riding rickshaw, entertaining children, giving gifts, clicking pictures of pigs and cow etc. So it was quite exciting to do all these as we come across many people who touched our heart. I started my scavenger hunt with my team members Yewen, Boon Pin and Varun.